enlighten your brand.

As a freelancer, I bring many years of high-level ad agency experience to the table. Yes, that’s a good thing. Let’s eat.

some aspire to be doctors or lawyers or world leaders. i think about how to sell stuff.

Yeah, I could have been a doctor, a lawyer or the President of the United States. But I preferred doing creative work for great companies instead. I started at a small agency and one agency led to another and pretty soon I had worked for companies throughout the midwest and yes, even Las Vegas. I went from a graphic artists, to art director, to senior art director, to creative director and finally to owning my own freelance business. 

I have done work for brands as big as Hershey’s, Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies, American Express, Carver yachts, Marquis Yachts, State Fair Corn Dogs, KI (Krueger International), Anchor Foods (Poppers), Alexander Eye Institute, Reny Picot Cheese and many, many more. 

It’s not brain surgery, trial law or even international diplomacy. But it is what I love to do.

what I do.

1. Websites & Banner Ads
2. Logos
3. Brochures
4. Direct Mail
5. Copy & Headline Writing

6. Trade Booth Design
7. Retail Packaging
8. Billboards
8. TV Ad Creative
9. Virtually any type of communication

some of my favorites...

why hire me over an agency?

Here are the five things to consider when using Henjum Creative versus an agency…

  1. Price – For big businesses, money is not a problem but for smaller businesses or startups it might be an issue. The budget can be limited but I can usually work within it.


  2. Quality – In theory, quality should be the most important driver in the decision making. With my experience, you get high-quality creative at a price less than an agency would charge.


  3. Flexibility – No matter how good the quality or how low the cost is, it won’t do you any good if your project comes in late and you miss a critical deadline. I pride myself on being on time.


  4. Experience – The simple fact is the more experienced you are, the more efficient you are. Hiring me is like hiring any agency without all the pesky people putting time on the timesheet.


  5. Communication – If you’ve ever encountered unanswered e-mails or phone calls, nothing can ruin a project faster than putting trust in someone who isn’t dependable. That’s not this guy.

say hi.

I am always available.
I can be reached at 920.371.4719 or email below: